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Michelle The Education Coach




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Keep your loved ones at home, in an environment where they are familiar, and bring in people who care....3HCare

Steven Deer Salon

Steven Deer Salon is an experience in relaxation and style. The salon is located at 875 North Orleans Street in Chicago. Call for an appointment by dialing 312-835-HAIR. Join Sepia Prime Woman & The BOLD Movers Network on September 29, 2014 from 6:00 - 8:30 pm for a Networking Session & tips to develop your personal style at Steven Deer Salon. YOUR BUSINESS CAN BE FEATURED at the event. Call us at 312.646.0429 to be a part of the "Get Yourself Together" Networking Event and experience Steven Deer Salon for yourself. You can see the full ad in this issue of Sepia Prime Woman Magazine right here on the page.

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